Jill Robinson

All artwork in this collection was created by Gesher Human Services' Creative Expressions artist, Jill Robinson.

60% of proceeds from all sales go to the artist while 40% goes back into the Creative Expressions Program to continue developing opportunities for Creative Expressions artists.


My name is Jill Robinson, and I would like to tell you a little about myself. I'm a painter, but I also work in many other media. Aside from painting, one of my favorite mediums is polymer clay. I use polymer clay to make wearable art like brooches, necklaces, and magnets. I also use a Cricket Die Cutter and photography to enhance my craft.

My paintings are primarily colorful abstracts, trees, and paintings of flowers. That is what I intend to do during this residency, because painting and drawing has helped me find peace within myself, and I think it would be nice to share that peace with others.

To tell you a little bit about my past, I grew up in Alabama and Massachusetts. I learned to use the Cricket Die Cutter while in Alabama, and I learned to take photographs while in Massachusetts. In addition to using the Cricket to enhance my craft, I also used it to make gift cards. While in Massachusetts, I lived on a farm where I learned to take and develop black and white photographs. My main interest in photography is taking pictures of nature and candid photos of people I know.