Artist Statement

My name is David. I have been painting since the mid 1980s. A roommate of mine was an abstract artist, at the time. The house we were staying in was an adult foster care facility for people with mental health concerns. Originally I wanted to be a great guitarist in a rock band, but that wasn't going anywhere, so I decided to pursue the visual arts instead.

Art has served as a healing mechanism for me, and it has gotten me through some tough times. I have had several jobs over the past thirty years, but it has been my devotion to making art that has helped me to heal, discover myself and create. Being an artist is who I am and what I stand for.

I believe that education, self-expression, and honest, thoughtful discourse is important. I try to express that in my art and my paintings, which I also use to express my emotions and thoughts. My paintings are a kind of visual diary of my life. They represent the struggles I've faced and the successes I've had along the way.

Figure Paintings

Text Paintings