Literary Arts Program

Gesher Human Services' Creative Expressions Program currently partners with established educators and professional writers like Linette Lao (teacher and organizer of our first Onwards Literary Arts Journal) and Laura Bernstein-Machlay. We also work with Matrix Theatre to provide a Writing For Theatreprogram. Last year, the program resulted in an hour long play that was performed during the 2022 Frame of Mind Benefit and Arts Showcase.

The Literary Arts Program also publishes a regular journal entitled "Onward." To be notified when new issues are released, scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for our regular newsletter.

In addition to helping Gesher writers hone their craft, the Creative Expressions Program aims to help participants with their professional writing goals by publishing personal projects and assisting writers with publishing opportunities outside of Gesher Human Services.

Writing Workshops

During the Writing Workshops, Gesher Writers work with a literary arts professional to hone their craft, explore their creativity, and develop personal and professional writing goals. Here is some writing that was published in the 2021 Onwards Literary Arts Journal.