The Performing Arts

Gesher Human Services' Performing Arts program encompasses the Music, Dance, and Theatrical artforms. We have several community partners that facilitate our Performing Arts programs.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra works with Creative Arts Therapies Inc. to provide Gesher with a certified music therapist to lead our music program. They teach alongside professional DSO musicians who not only share their knowledge and experience with our musicians during the sessions, but they also perform with us during special events.

Detroit Opera has partnered with Creative Expressions for several unique projects, everything from Musucal Theatre and Dance Choreography to 1-on-1 Vocal Coaching for Gesher Singers.

Matrix Theatre leads our Theatre programs, most recently working with Gesher writers, actors, and dancers to develop and organize a musical play from scratch. Gesher actors performed alongside Matrix actors during their performance of Searching For Love at Gesher's 2022 Frame of Mind Benefit and Arts Showcase.

Drums On The Run and Sundance "Robert" DiDomenico lead a fully emersive drumming experience for Gesher musicians during the warmer months. They provide djembe drum lessons along with a private Gesher community drum circle. During our 2021 Frame of Mind Benefit and Arts Showcase, Sundance performed alongside Gesher Musicians on stage and seperately led an interactive drum circle for all to join.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Creative Expressions Music Group Perform During Gesher Human Services Annual Event

Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Creative Expressions Music Group

Gesher Musicians performing at the Max M. and Marjorie S Fisher Music Center's Donors Lounge during their 2019 annual Creative Expressions Capstone event. They performed with DSO cellist, Jeremy Crosmer who received the Ford Musician Award for the work he's done with Gesher Human Services.

Sundance DiDomenico and Gesher Human Services' Musicians During a 2021 Drum Circle

Sundance DiDomenico and Gesher Musicians During a 2021 Drum Circle

Gesher musicians would attend these drum circles before the pandemic and even during the latter end of the 2021 quarantine. Precautions were taken so everyone could be safe outdoors while social distancing. They got together, had some fun, learned to drum, socialized a little, and made some beautiful music.

Detroit Opera Provided Gesher Human Services Singer with Vocal Lessons In Preparation for Event

Detroit Opera Provided Vocal Lessons In Preparation for Event

During the summer of 2021, Creative Expressions partnered with Detroit Opera to provide 1-on-1 professional Vocal Lessons. Those lessons culminated in a live performance at the 2021 Frame of Mind Benefit and Arts Showcase on the beautiful and scenic Detroit Opera rooftop.