Creative Expressions - Clubhouse and Choices Capstone Event

Creative Expressions | 30 December, 2022

            Creative Expressions - Clubhouse and Choices Capstone Event

Written by: Kenneth Rosenthal

On December 21st, Clubhouse members helped host the Choices Theater Capstone performance along with the Creative Expressions Art Sale. The Choices Program put on a stunning theatrical performance featuring a live theater production, entitled, "Going back in time". Choices members really got into the performance by using their hands, eyes, and vocals to put on an  excellent performance.  Afterward, The Creative Expressions Program which included myself, Dorothy, and Christopher, had an opportunity to sell our beautiful artwork, which we had been working on over the last few months. I showed my creative photography. Dorothy showed her paintings and other art, and Chris had his paintings, ceramics and other art on display.


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