Kenneth Rosenthal | Artist Profile

Creative Expressions | 13 September, 2022

            Kenneth Rosenthal | Artist Profile

Written by: Kenneth Rosenthal

Hello, I'm Kenneth Rosenthal,  I’m relatively new to photography and The Digital Arts world. I began taking photos in March of 2020. My mother was an art teacher and a painter. I developed an early interest in art and various media by watching her. I’ve dabbled in different art forms though out my life, but nothing stuck until now. My most recent work is a series of double-exposure photographs, some of which feature altered colors. I choose my photos randomly, then the creative process starts. I wait for the images to talk to me then begin experimenting with colors and angles, and eventually crop the final result in a way that feels good.

Currently I am learning and experiencing photo editing along with digital arts through Gesher Human Services Creative Expressions Program. My art has been featured in two galleries recently; Gallery Camille and the Janice Charach Gallery. It was juried by Oakland Community Mental Health (OCHM). I won a spot in the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan's (CMHAM) 2-year Traveling Art Show in August, 2022. I also presented at the All Means All artist networking event that was put on by Michigan Arts Access.

Here is a link to my All Means All Networking blog
You can see more of my photography on my ARTIST PROFILE
Pastel Sky and Jetstream by Kenneth Rosenthal
Pastel Sky and Jet stream by Kenneth Rosenthal

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