May the New Year bring you fresh flowers

Creative Expressions | 29 December, 2023

            May the New Year bring you fresh flowers


    With the New Year about to start in 3 days , many of us with mental health issues look forward to a new start; although our mental health issues may not yet have dissipated. For me I am looking forward to a new year because of new beginnings. I'm grateful as this past year has offered me a lot of opportunities to display my digital photography through our Gesher events. Mid-year my art along with other members was awarded the opportunity to display &  publish our art talents in many different ways. Some of the art work was done through Art Galleries and the CMHAM Traveling Art Show. I am looking forward to more opportunities to display my art starting in February at the Northville ART House emerging artist wall; along with looking forward to even more opportunities in 2024. May all those with mental health challenges overcome their disabilities. Have a fresh start to the New Year along with everyone else welcoming the rewards of the 2024 New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone!!

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