Plymouth Ice Festival

Creative Expressions | 14 February, 2023

            Plymouth Ice Festival

Written by: Linda Gray

Should Of…

                   Would Of …

                                      Could Of…

On February 5, 2023, I was able to attend the Plymouth Ice Festival in downtown Plymouth, Michigan.  However, some of our other Gesher Clubhouse members were not able to attend this weekend event.

I was able to attend this wonderful ice festival with my brother and sister in-law in the midst of Plymouth Town Square, which was full of people that were also excited walk the streets and see the ice sculpture designs. We enjoyed the activities while sipping on some hot chocolate and tasting some roasted nuts.

Since it was such a warm weekend some of the sculptures started to melt but most of them were still intact.

This festival It is a show that keeps growing year after year, and like other art festivals it was crowded with people, up and down each street, gathering in the midst of center square.

Hopefully the other clubhouse members will be able to get a chance next year to go and enjoy themselves… until then I have some wonderful pictures to share with you.


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