Art Therapy with Let's Art About It (week 3) Mindfulness

Craig Nowak | 22 November, 2021

            Art Therapy with Let's Art About It (week 3) Mindfulness

Youtube video borrowed from INSPIRATIONS FOR HAPPY LIVING


Week 3: Living in the Moment

Prompt:Think about this affirmation for a moment: “Be happy, for this moment is your life.” (Omar Khayyam).  Next, draw your experience of this moment.  Think about your thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitude, motivation, and environment.  You may use images, words, phrases, colors, symbols, or anything to fill your paper!


Exploration Questions: 

Write down answers to these questions and save them for the week-6 live session.

  1. How did you represent this moment?  Was it positive, negative, or neutral?
  2. Is there anything to be joyful about right now? Can you add those into your artwork if you haven’t already?
  3. How does the way you view this moment represent how you tend to live your life?
  4. How can a focus on finding happiness in the moment impact your mood, outlook, energy level, work, life satisfaction, and relationships?
  5. Share your thoughts in the discussion board!

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