The Frame of Mind Arts Showcase and Benefit | Detroit Opera House | September 19

Craig Nowak | 01 November, 2021

            Clifton Phillips and daughter admiring the art show

Written by Creative Expressions Program Coordinator, Craig Nowak


The Frame of Mind Arts Showcase and Benefit took place on a sunny Sunday afternoon in September. We all gathered in the Black Box Gallery and on the rooftop of the Detroit Opera House. Beautiful works of art adorned the walls of the Black Box Gallery and music filled the air at the top of the stairs leading to the roof.

Kadima artists, musicians, writers, performers, and more were the stars of the show. Friends, family, and supporters of all kinds filled the audience. People from CCS, the DIA, the DSO, MOT, and Let’s Art About It joined the festivities, as well. They shared Creative Expressions stories from the past year and a half.

Shazia Saadiqi, CEP’s Art Therapist from Let’s Art About It, guided audience members through a participatory art installation. That project was added to throughout the night. Kadima’s very own developments team welcomed guests as they arrived. Paintings from our many Plein Air Painting adventures were displayed on just about every wall. Linh Truong, our Wet Felting teacher, and others from CCS circulated throughout the gallery. They congratulated their students for doing such a magnificent job. Joel K played the grand piano in the corner, while upstairs the performances began.

A drum circle filled up with Kadima drummers and audience members alike. Two drummers, Salome SB and Terri S joined Sundance DiDomenico on the stage. They played a series of duets before Jody Conradi Stark, Kadima’s Music Therapist took the stage. She introduced David R and Joel K who provided musical performances on the flute and trombone. The DSO Music Group came next. They performed beautifully with renowned Detroit Symphony Orchestra cellist, Jeremy Crosmer. Then last but not least, the Frame of Mind audience was treated to melodic singing by Kadima musician, Madison B. She sang with piano accompaniment provided by The Michigan Opera Theatre.

It was a truly exquisite event, and everyone who participated should feel a great sense of accomplishment. Without every person, performer, work of art, piece of writing, or anything else that was featured in the 2021 Frame of Mind Arts Showcase and Benefit, it would not have been such a huge success. But because you participated in CEP activities with such passion and enthusiasm, and because you learned and grew and excelled beyond what anyone could have imagined; because of your talent and your drive, this event was without a doubt, one to remember. Never forget that you made that happen, and for that, you all deserve a monumental round of applause. Great job Kadima!

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