Salome Performing at the Detroit Opera House with Sundance DiDomenico

Craig Nowak | 01 November, 2021

            Salome and Sundance during a 1-on-1 drumming mentorship

My name is Salome. I drummed with Sundance DiDomenico at the Frame of Mind event. The experience of the Frame of Mind event was really good. I liked it. I played the Congos with Sundance, the drum teacher during a mentorship and whenever we had drum circles at the Kadima Clubhouse. I would like to go back to that theatre, where we had the event again. We had a drum circle on the roof of the Detroit Opera House. I liked it a lot.


I’m hoping to see the teacher again so we can continue drumming. I look forward to playing the African Bey Congos with him again. I would like to buy a congo, and I would love to play another show with Sundance. Working with him was great. He was teaching me rhythms that I wanted to learn. Drumming with him was a great experience. I started playing drums when I was 6 or 7 years old. I still play now and I’m 59. I’ve been with Kadima for 10.5 years, and I have epilepsy and am hoping to get well one day. Thank you!

-blog written by Salome SB

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