Art Therapy with Let's Art About It (week 5) Mindfulness

Craig Nowak | 06 December, 2021

            Art Therapy with Let's Art About It (week 5) Mindfulness

 Youtube video borrowed from JoyfulTribe Stephanie Patterson Therapeutic Moment



Week 5: Past, Present, Future

Prompt:Think about this affirmation: “The past is a lesson.  The present is a gift.  The future is your motivation.”  Next, divide your paper into three parts.  Then, draw a picture or symbol related to (1) a lesson you learned in the past, (2) a gift you have in the present, and (3) a goal for the future .

Exploration Questions: 

Write down answers to these questions and save them for the week-6 live session.

  1. What lessons have you learned that have affected how you live your life now?
  2. In what ways do you see the present time as a gift?  What is your greatest gift?
  3. What goals do you have for the future? 
  4. Share your thoughts in the discussion board!

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